Speaking Topics

Engaging presentations are available on legal topics and leadership as well as training programs for startups and established businesses.

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1. Website Legals – What You Really Need to Know and Why You Shouldn’t Copy and Paste Images You Find on Google!

If you are one of the 97% of Australian SMEs with an online presence, well done! Next step, protecting your business online so that you can avoid nasty letters of demand.

Jeanette will help you identify:
– what you’re already doing well
– what’s missing from your website
– current risks to your business and easy fixes

*This presentation is delivered with all participants receiving their own checklist

2. Contracts don’t have to be in Writing

The benefit in having a written contract is not having to remember what was agreed a year, a month or even a week after you made the agreement. Even if you don’t have it written down, you may still have a contract that is enforceable.

Top 3 take away learnings:
1. the basic requirements of a contract before it is binding
2. keys to creating clear contracts
3. tips on how to read contracts

*PowerPoint presentation or ‘off the cuff’

3. Social Media in Business = Legal Risk

Have you every wondered if the stories about people getting sacked for their social media behaviour are true? Find out when Jeanette shares with us some of the risks to your business in using social media, and what actions you can take to protect your business.

*PowerPoint presentation


1. Leadership is not an Extreme Sport

Climbing Mt Everest, walking the Kokoda track, diving the deep oceans or heli-skiing the great heights all require commitment, trust, knowledge, focus and boldness – the same traits make great leaders, without having to go to extremes.

*PowerPoint presentation can be included

2.  Being a Mentor

Some people are natural mentors and others or not. Learn how to recognise when you have become a mentor, and what questions to ask to work out whether or not you need to formalise that relationship.

*PowerPoint presentation can be included

Training programs

1. Legal Issues for Startups – 5 module curriculum

  • MODULE 1 – Developing an idea
  • MODULE 2 – Business structures
  • MODULE 3 – Building a team
  • MODULE 4 – Protecting your business
  • MODULE 5 – Sales and Marketing

This training covers a minimum of 5 hours in a lecture style and 10 hours in an interactive workshop style presentation. Workbooks provided.  Minimum of 8 participants.

2. Introduction to Governance

New and established ventures, whether for profit, not for profit or industry or interest based associations, can all benefit from an introduction or refresher in governance procedures for their organisation.

This training covers a minimum of 90 minutes and works best if all members of the board or committee responsible for leading the organisation participate.  Workbooks provided.


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