Cover Your Arse Online – best selling book

This book has been produced with you in mind. You won’t find a whole lot of references to cases or legislation. Specific examples and case studies are based mainly on Australian examples. No matter what country you live in, the principles described in this book will have some application to your online business. This book will help you recognise risks to your business, and then make an informed decision about what you can do to protect it.

I am really impressed with how simple yet comprehensive this book is. I knew most of this but I still got a couple of valuable reminders about some actions I must take.
Tracey Gilmartin, Manager, Y Marketing


I found this book to be a surprisingly easy read – really important for business people. I enjoyed the specific examples coming from Jeanette’s own experience that emphasised the point and made it easier to relate to. The advice on trade marks was quite timely for me as my Diploma of Business clients had to research that information during their studies. I’m glad to find such a useful book that I can confidently share with the business people I work with.
David Green, Managing Director, The Dasiemme Group

Informative, exceptional advice and guidance for anyone getting online for business or even personally. Recommend to all my clients as a mandatory resource.
Phil Sealy, CEO Pro Leaders Academy

“Cover Your Arse Online” is a user-friendly and essential guide for any business with an online presence, whether a local start-up or well established global entity. I found the sections on the obligation for web accessibility for disabled users, the dangers of cut & paste conditions, and how to limit liability for viruses and malware passed through your website particularly useful.
Sue Lester Mindset Coach, Growing Content

As professional website investors, we know the importance of protecting our online assets and this book is essential reading if you own a website, or about are to invest in one! Jeanette has been sharing this important knowledge at our digital marketing conferences for many years, and her greatest skill is breaking down the complexity and confusion of law into a simple, easy to understand guide so you can protect your wealth and business. There is many thousands of dollars worth of legal knowledge here, and it could save you millions.
Matt and Liz Raad, Website Investors and Educators

Wow, a legal guide that makes sense, is a joy to read, and helps a small business owner navigate the minefield of running a small business. Jeanette nailed it. A must read!
Suzanne O’Shea, Owner, SOS HR Services

What some may call a boring subject, written in a clear and entertaining way, providing all the tools and facts you need to have a safe and legal online business.
Piemur Thomson, Project Management Student

Cover Your Arse Online is a must-read for anyone in online business. I have had an online business for 3 years, and WOW, am I behind the times already. Make sure you are ticking your boxes, there’s so much valuable information whether you are starting out, already established, or even just thinking about a website business. Thanks Jeanette you have opened my eyes! Don’t start without it, don’t continue without it!
Trish Hammond,  CEO & Founder, Plastic Surgery Hub